How to take the “u-Smell-it” test? It’s fast and easy!

Instructions for u-Smell-it smell test

Materials for the smell test

Only 2 items 

✓  u-Smell-it™ smell cards

✓  Phone or Tablet ( Apple or Android) with internet connection

3 Steps to take the ‘u-Smell-it’ test

 #1. Download the ‘u-Smell-it’ App 


① Download the u-Smell-it™ App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and open the app. Please enable use of the camera (needed to scan the QR Cord).

u-Smell-it app
u-Smell-it app

 #2. Practice with the ‘Instructional Smell Card’ (optional)


On this colorful instructional card, the answers are given on the card. Familiarizing yourself with some of the scents will help you for future testing!


①  Once downloaded, take your Instructional Smell Card (Colorful Card) and Scan the QR Code on the card within the App.

②  Lightly scratch or rub box 1, then smell it and select your answer (only one answer is correct). 

③  Repeat for all 5 boxes.

④  Your score (0-5) is shown the last page (but as hints are shown on the instrucutional scent recognition card you should get a good score).

Use this card occasionaly to help train your nose to recognize different scents.

u-Smell-it instructional training smell card

 #3. Take the ‘u-Smell-it’ test 


①  Take a new smell card ( black & white card), open the App, and with the camera scan the QR Code on the card.

②  Lightly scratch or rub box 1, then smell and select the best choice in the App. Repeat for all boxes until you get your score.

③  If you do not pass (it shows a red light), take an another test. If you fail two tests, contact a medical professional  about the loss of smell.

u-Smell-it smell test for checking for loss of smell

Quick step-by-step instructions

'u-Smell-it' test instruction

Instructional video

Our instructional video explains clearly how to take the ‘u-Smell-it’ smell test