Smell problems are finally being recognised as serious diseases – by ThePrint

  The article from ThePrint says that we generally appreciate the sense of smell less than the other four senses and pay less attention on the smell problems, and also the science of olfaction, compared to that of vision or hearing, is still in the Stone Age.

Long-term loss of smell could make people feel depressed, how to recover from it

The smell loss could be life-changing and potential to make people feel isolated and depressed. While two-thirds of people who lost their sense of smell after Covid-19 recover within six to eight weeks, many has been suffering from the long-term loss of smell and taste.

How to live with a nonworking nose, Anosmia. Advice to COVID-19 survivors – by BuzzFeed News

  Jessica Garrison who is a senior investigative editor for BuzzFeed News, she lost her sense of smell in her twenties. In this article, she gives her advice to Covid-19 survivors who lost the sense of smell or people who is Anosmia how to live without a nonworking nose.

Anosmia and Ageusia are the Strongest Sign You Have COVID-19, Study Says

Loss of smell and taste are the clearest signs that you’ve got COVID-19 [ from the article] There are few symptoms more popularly associated with COVID than cough, fever, and shortness of breath. But a new international study suggests that there is another set of symptoms that can reveal a case of coronavirus with far […]

By New York Times – ‘Some Covid Survivors Haunted by Loss of Smell and Taste’

Ms. Hansen’s first symptoms was a loss of smell, and then of taste. [from the article] Until March, when everything started tasting like cardboard, Katherine Hansen had such a keen sense of smell that she could recreate almost any restaurant dish at home without the recipe, just by recalling the scents and flavors.

The ‘loss-of-smell’ COVID-19 symptom probably matters more than you think – by Zme Science

COVID-19 symptom of the loss of smell and taste can lead to both physical and mental health concerns. By now, everywhere you look, lists of COVID-19 symptoms are out there. The tell-tale symptom that stands out as a real bummer (especially for foodies) is the loss of smell and taste. What happens if you lose […]

“Loss of Smell and Taste” are a Sign of COVID” Said Dr. Fauci – Posted by Yahoo

Dr. Fauci said ” Loss of Smell and Taste” are a sign of Covid. During a discussion on Thursday sponsored by Columbia University on Thursday, Dr. Fauci explained that the “clinical manifestations” of the virus, aka the “presenting signs and symptoms” are “strikingly similar to what we have been calling a flu-like syndrome.

Bloomberg posted; Smell-Loss Survey Suggests Covid Widespread in Health Workers

About two-thirds of the London National Health Service staffers surveyed reported diminished ability to taste or smell — one of the prominent, early symptoms of Covid-19 — just weeks after the coronavirus arrived in the U.K., according to research published Thursday in The Lancet Microbe journal.

‘This has no flavor’: Teen realizes she has COVID-19 while filming Starbucks taste test – by Today

Maryn Short, 19, went to Starbucks on Dec. 1 and ordered a sweet, — but when the teenager went to take a sip of the drink, she realized she couldn’t taste anything.

Woman with COVID symptoms receives 3 false negative tests before positive result – by Fox19

“Don’t trust a negative COVID test. If you have the symptoms, especially that loss of taste and smell, you have to stay home,” she said. Shollmier felt cold-like symptoms on Nov. 23. She took a rapid COVID-19 test at the emergency room and received a negative result. But the day after Thanksgiving, her symptoms worsened […]

I Survived COVID-19, but My Sense of Taste and Smell Won’t Come Back – by Men’s Journal

I came down with COVID-19 in early March. I was lucky to have a mild case that put me out of commission for a few weeks but needed no hospitalization. The strangest symptom for me was the complete loss of smell, something called anosmia.

Why COVID-19 Makes People Lose Their Sense of Smell – by Scientific American

One morning a few weeks ago I was chatting with my friend Horacio, a mathematician in the New York City area. He told me he’d lost his sense of smell for a couple of weeks in April.