u-Smell-it test for loss of smell and taste

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Rapid “u-Smell-it” Smell Test – Anywhere Anytime

Our science based humanitarian mission

We have created a team of multinational scientists and global industry giants to develop a test to identify olfactory dysfunction. Our aim is to detect the loss of smell with daily testing anywhere, anytime.

Our pledge is that every u-Smell-it test sold, we will donate another to a developing country.

Validation comes from science.

Our mission for loss of smell and loss of taste with u-Smell-it test

Why target smell? Our nose knows

Our nose is where viruses can enters and multiply, therefor wiping out one’s ability to smell.  For instance in Covid-19 the CDC has shown that loss of smell is as an early symptom that is better associated with Covid-19 than any other symptom. It was reported here that >80% of asymptomatic people have a partial loss of smell that can only be detected with a sensitive olfactory test.

Smell test for loss of smell and loss of taste

5 Reasons to use the ‘u-Smell-it’ test to check for loss of smell (anosmia)

1. Fast 

The test only takes ~45 seconds with instant results.


2. Easy

It is simple and uses an app to automatically score your results. Therefor can be done anytime anywhere.


3. Affordable 

u-Smell-it test is a very affordable and can be used daily.


4. Credentials

Secure and encrypted & no names or personal info


5. Validation

The u-Smell-it™ test has been bench-tested, field tested, and is being used in multiple clinical trials.

Modelling shows an olfactory test could flatten the Covid curve

Modeled Impact and Cost of Oldfactory Dysfunction Testing

A modeling study showed that the simple olfactory test if used widely and frequently could have a dramatic effect on the number of people infected  with COVID-19. If used every 1-3 days an olfactory test such as u-Smell-it™ may even outperform a weekly PCR test, for a fraction of the price. Parameters that effect the performance are discussed in the paper.

Disclaimer: The founder of u-Smell-it (Dr. Toomre) was an author on the study, but the values used for the model are based on a wide body of published literature and the modelers have no affiliation with u-Smell-it™.

u-Smell-it Test Featured on New York Times

Our u-Smell-it test was featured by The New York Times, and they highligted the benefits of screening for Covid-19 with a low cost smell test.

The title is “Stinky strips of paper could, in theory, help drive down virus transmission”.

Check the article from New York Times!

Featured on New York Times

The New York Times article examine our modeling paper on the impact of oldfactory testing and speak with numerous experts in ENT and infectious disease, digging into how this might help in the pandemic.

The title is “Could a Smell Test Screen People for Covid?”.

Check the article from New York Times!

XPRIZE - Finalist

The u-Smell-it team is finalist for the XPRIZE for rapid Covid testing in the open category.

The XPrize mission ” Frequent. Fast. Cheap. Easy.”

We agree! A test every day. 45 seconds. Inexpensive. At home.

Featured on CBS Denver News Channel 4

The modeling study and our rapid easy inexpensive “u-Smell-it” olfactory test was featured on CBS Denver.

It shows how our “u-Smell-it” test works on the video.

Featured on 7News Boston WHDH

The modeling study and “u-Smell-it” was featured on 7News Boston WHDH. It shows how our “u-Smell-it” test works on the video. Click the button below to check the news and our rapid olfactory test!

Featured on Nature magazine

Nature magazine news section featured the modeling study noting  “A fast, cheap test of a person’s ability to smell could help to stop COVID-19 outbreaks, according to models.”

The title is “Smell tests could sniff out rising COVID case counts”

Get the u-Smell-itTM  App

u-Smell-it app
u-Smell-it app

Smell problems are finally being recognised as serious diseases – by ThePrint

  The article from ThePrint says that we generally appreciate the sense of smell less than the other four senses and pay less attention on the smell problems, and also the science of olfaction, compared to that of vision or hearing, is still in the Stone Age.

Long-term loss of smell could make people feel depressed, how to recover from it

The smell loss could be life-changing and potential to make people feel isolated and depressed. While two-thirds of people who lost their sense of smell after Covid-19 recover within six to eight weeks, many has been suffering from the long-term loss of smell and taste.

How to live with a nonworking nose, Anosmia. Advice to COVID-19 survivors – by BuzzFeed News

  Jessica Garrison who is a senior investigative editor for BuzzFeed News, she lost her sense of smell in her twenties. In this article, she gives her advice to Covid-19 survivors who lost the sense of smell or people who is Anosmia how to live without a nonworking nose.

‘COVID’s toll on smell and taste: what scientists do and don’t know’ – by Nature

Nature posted about researchers are studying the sensory impact of the coronavirus, how long it lasts and what can be done to treat it. This article explaines how many people with COVID-19 lose their sense of smell, the reason people with COVID-19 lose their sense of smell, how long they lose the sense of smell […]

Study found loss of smell and taste symptoms with Covid-19 often occur before other symptoms

Loss of taste and smell are common in COVID-19 patients, and it often occurs before other symptoms, a new study says.

Olfactory transmucosal – Coronavirus ( Covid-19) entry point to the brain?

Nature featured ‘Olfactory transmucosal SARS-CoV-2 invasion as a port of central nervous system entry in individuals with COVID-19’

Common questions


Below are a few top questions. More are found in the FAQs.

Do I need anything special equipment to take the u-Smell-it test?

Yes, in addition to the smell card you need to download the u-Smell-it app onto your cell phone.

How long dose it take to find out the result after taking the u-Smell-it test?

Almost instantaneously – The result appears about one to two seconds after taking the test.

Can children use the u-Smell-it test?

Yes, we have designed the test to be child-friendly using scents that children can recogonize and providing pictures in the app to help children make selections without reading.  Our test has been validated in bench studies of children 7 and older.